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"Reliability for Components and Systems (RELIA)"

20 June 2021
Reliability for Components and Systems (RELIA)
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At least for the following reasons:
- People often confuse terms that have different meanings: conformity, reliability, availability; in the technical field, but not only, the correct use of words must always be made, especially in a contractual relationship.
- We do not always consider the conditions of use, including environmental conditions, that affect the life of the component and system; we risk making unfounded statements.
- It is often the case that the assessment of reliability performance is based on a project or system that has already been completed; this entails, at the very least, additional costs and loss of image.
- It is common to confuse failure rate, MTTF /MTBF and reliability; where do you start for the assessment?
- There is a risk of stating the reliability requirements of a system to the developer without consideration of boundary conditions; this can result in penalties
- You confuse terms, models, and parameters; having clarified the terms, you need to know the parameters to identify the models.
and more !

Objectives and content
Taking cue from the examples of "criticality" and "points of attention" that characterize the topic, the objective of the meeting is to provide some food for thought and discussion starting from simple basic concepts, methodological and experimental, of reliability.
The proposed seminar, "Reliability for components and systems", is a first event that will be followed by further in-depth analysis useful, according to the speakers, to understand the wider context of RAMS requirements and performances - Reliability, Availability, Maintanability and Safety - typical of some industrial scenarios.
The contents of the seminar cover:
- Terms and definitions in accordance with industry technical standards
- From product conformity to system reliability assessment
- Reliability Functions and Parameters: from Reliability Law to Statistical Parameters
- The impact of failure rate on components and systems: tubular curve and classification of failures
- Experimental and theoretical-predictive evaluation of failure rate; which points of attention?
- The impact of operating conditions in the calculation and evaluation of reliability requirements
- Canonical functional configurations and system reliability: what characteristics and constraints
- The use of redundancies: cost-benefit evaluation
- What not to do when a reliability assessment and statement is required
- Can reliability be simulated in the laboratory?
Questions on the dealt topics and discussion

Target audience
Technicians and designers
Quality control personnel

Marcantonio Catelani

Graduated in Electronic Engineering, he is Full Professor of Reliability and Quality Control at University of Florence, School of Engineering, Department of Information Engineering (DINFO). His research activity is diversified and concerns the fields of Reliability, Diagnostics, Qualification and Certification of electronic components and systems. He deals with RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) techniques and their application in different industrial contexts (transport, biomedical, automotive, etc.); models for risk and safety analysis; SIL (Safety Integrity Level) evaluations; reliability tests of components and systems; study of the performances of new RoHS-Compliant soldering materials.
In these areas he is author and co-author of several scientific publications on national and international journals and speeches at conferences.
He is in charge of the "Electrotechnics and Measurements" laboratory of the Department of Information Engineering (DINFO), School of Engineering of Florence, as well as of the joint University-Company Laboratory of "Test Methods and Measurements for Qualification and Reliability" active at Analitycal s.r.l. of Florence.
He is an IEEE member and member of the Editorial Board of Metrology and Measurement Systems, Polish Academy of Sciences.
He has been President of IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) TC10 Technical diagnostics.
He is responsible for both ministerial and industry collaborative research projects.

Seminar delivery methods
GMEET platform / participant registration

Head office:
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Interuniversity Research Center for "Statistics for Engineering: Design, Quality and Reliability"
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