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Interuniversity Research Centre on
Design, Quality and Reliability"
"Design of experiments and robust design (DoE-for-RD)"
Webinar 15 July 2021- time 17.00 - Prof. Rossella Berni.
Published by - 20/6/2021
"Business Excellence 5.0"
Webinar 6 Sep 2021- time 17.00 - Prof. Gabriele Arcidiacono
Published by - 20/6/2021
"Reliability for Components and Systems (RELIA)"
Webinar 22 Sep 2021- time 17.00 - Prof. Marcantonio Catelani
Published by - 20/6/2021
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The Center, through its skills and numerical-experimental capabilities, offers services tailored to the needs of customers such as consulting, troubleshooting, research, innovation and training.


The Interuniversity Center is a scientific collaborative platform for professors from different universities and center for scientific services used by several universities. This type of external structure is allowed by law art. 91 d.p.r. 382/80.


The Center promotes the transfer of knowledge concerning the use of statistical approaches and tools to support and develop engineering in companies by developing targeted solutions and projects.


15 JUL 2021 - 5:00 p.m.
Design of experiments and robust design (DoE-for-RD)
Speaker: Rossella Berni
The objective of the meeting is to provide some insights and discussion starting from simple basic concepts of statistics and experimental design for robust design.

6 SEP 2021 - 5.00 p.m.
Business Excellence 5.0
Speaker: Gabriele Arcidiacono
The webinar is an opportunity to take advantage of a privileged observatory on the theme of Business Excellence: the all-round excellence also called Global Excellence, which allows to achieve sustainable results and benefits over time.

22 SEP 2021 - 5.00 p.m.
Reliability for components and systems (RELIA)
Speaker: Marcantonio Catelani
Starting from the examples of "criticality" and "points of attention" that characterize the topic, the aim of the meeting is to provide some insights and discussion starting from simple basic concepts, methodological and experimental, of reliability.

6 JUL 2021.
An Adaptive Sampling Strategy for Online Monitoring and Diagnosis of High-dimensional Streaming Data,
Speaker: Prof. Kamran Paynabar

10 MAY 2021. Seminar
Bayesian Optimization of Expected Quadratic Loss for Multiresponse Computer Experiments with Internal Noise
Speaker Prof. Matthias Hwai Yong Tan
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EVENTS. On 4 June 2018, as part of the ENBIS Spring Meeting, the Center organizes a seminar meeting entitled: "Statistics and engineering for the business world" at the University of Florence, Via Gino Capponi, 9 - FLORENCE. To download the day's program click here!
PROJECTS. A research agreement has been stipulated with Azienda Nuova OMPI SrL having as its object "The reduction of the water repellent effect on the internal surface of glass vials through experimental design and robust process optimization". The 9-month agreement manager is Prof.  R. Berni.
Head office:
Dept. of Statistics, Informatics,
Applications "G.Parenti"- DiSIA
Viale Morgagni 59
50134 Firenze.
Interuniversity Research Center for "Statistics for Engineering: Design, Quality and Reliability"
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