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The Center aims to:
  1. Encourage interdisciplinarity in scientific and technological research between statistics and engineering disciplines.
  2. To promote, in terms of knowledge 2 of methodological development, the collaboration between statistics and engineering in companies.
  3. In particular, develop research and the use of statistical methods for quality and reliability at national level.
The aims of the center are complementary and not in competition with those of the departments.
Administrative headquarters
The Center has administrative offices at the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications of the University of Florence, in the rooms indicated in the attached plan;
The activities of the Center are carried out at the University offices that contract this agreement and at other possible locations available for the Centre's activities, also in collaboration with other bodies. It is the duty of each entity that will provide venues for the activities of the Center to ensure compliance with Legislative Decree No. 08/08 and subsequent amendments and additions.
The Center has the followings bodies:
  1. the President
  2. the Director
  3. the Management Committee
  4. the Scientific Council
The President
The President is elected by the Management Committee among the professors or researchers who are part of it. He remains in office for four years and can be re-elected several times consecutively.
The President performs a function of scientific representation for the center, namely:
  • coordinates the Scientific Council;
  • chairs and convenes the Scientific Council;
  • it generates the activity of the Center towards possible iterlocutors in the way of research and business;
  • proposes to the Management Committee the nominations for the members of the Scientific Council
The Director
The Director is elected by an absolute majority from the Management Committee among the professors or researchers who are part of it, and is appointed by decree of the Rector of the University where the Center is headquartered. The Director holds office for four years and can be reelected only once consecutively.
The director:
a) Coordinates the activities of the Center;
b) convenes and chairs the Management Committee, and ensures the execution of the related resolutions;
c) proposes to the Management Committee before the beginning of the exercise, the program of activities of the Center and the related expenditure plan, and is responsible for its transmission to the Director of the Department;
d) prepares the final situation at the end of the financial year, as well as a report on the activities performed and the results obtained by the Center, to be transmitted to the Rectors of the affiliated Universities in order to assess their effectiveness and efficiency. of which to the following article 11;
e) keep updated the list of professors and Departments of the Universities belonging to the Center:
f) transmit requests for membership or withdrawal from other universities to the Academic Senate and to the Board of Directors;
g) adopts acts of competence of the Committee that are urgent and cannot be postponed, with express and punctual Indication of the reasons of urgency and indifferibility, referring to the Committee for ratification in the immediately following session;
h) exercises any other attribution assigned to it by the laws in force, the Statute, the University regulations and the memorandum of understanding with the Department of the other party
i) The Director may appoint a deputy director chosen from among the members of the Committee, who supports and replaces him in the event of absence or impediment.
The Managing Committee
The Management Committee is composed of no more than three members for each university, appointed by the respective Retloi'i c, in any case guaranteeing a fair representation of all the universities adereuti. The referent promoters of the Center belong by right to the Management Committee for the first four years. The Management Committee remains in office for four years, its members can be renewed no more than twice a year. The President is part of the Management Committee.
The Management Committee:
a) programs, directs, coordinates and c: mtroila the activity of the Center;
b) elect the Director and the President of the Center by absolute majority among its members;
c) resolution. in accordance with the specific protocol with the Department of reference, on the contracts and agreements to be stipulated with public and / or private entities and on all the quer. ~ ion ~ :: :: non-administrative aspects
relevance of the director;
d) decides on any other subject submitted to its examination by the Director;
e) approves the annual programmatic and final reports on the activity of the Center prepared by the Director, having heard the opinion of the Scientific Council;
t) approves the annual report on the results achieved by the Center, prepared by the Director, having heard the opinion of the Scientific Council;
g) decides on any requests to join the Center of professors or researchers following the establishment of the Center, in agreement with the President;
h) decides on the methods of involvement in the activities of the Center of technical personnel of the participating Departments;
i) proposes requests to join the Advanced Center from other Universities or Departments;
j) pass resolutions by absolute majority, after hearing the opinion of the Scientific Council, with regard to any proposals for amendment of the institute agreement, to be submitted to the approval of the academic bodies of the participating universities.
k) receives any communications of withdrawal from the Center of other Universities, Departments or professors belonging to it;
l) proposes, subject to the opinion of the Scientific Council, the decommissioning of the Center to the governing bodies of the University.
m) The Management Committee also establishes the methods of participation in the activities of the Center for Scholars as referred to in the following art. 10 paragraph 3.
For the validity of the meetings of the Management Committee, the presence of at least half plus one of its members, excluding justified
The Scientific Council
a) the Scientific Council is composed of all the professors and researchers participating in the Interuniversity Center, as well as those who have been invited to participate by the Management Committee (Article 7, paragraph m); moreover, the Scientific Council may be attended by professors and researchers from each university who have applied to join the Center, c competent professionals of high and recognized scientific and / or academic and / or professional profile, at national and international level.
b) The Scientific Council is chaired by the President, who convenes him at least twice a year or when a third of its members request it; the convocation must be made in advance of fifteen days, by ordinary electronic mail; the meetings may also be held electronically.
c) The Scientific Council expresses its opinion on the annual program of activities and on the results achieved by the Center for the Management Committee.
d) Expresses opinion for the Management Committee on any requests to join the Center of professors or researchers following the establishment of the Center itself (and on the modalities of participation in the activities of the Center of scholars referred to in article 10, paragraph 3).
e) For the meetings of the Scientific Council to be valid, at least half plus one of its members must be present; in the calculation for the determination of the quorum the justified absentees are not considered. The relative resolutions are taken by majority vote; in case of parity of votes the vote of the President prevails.
Head office:
Dept. of Statistics, Informatics,
Applications "G.Parenti"- DiSIA
Viale Morgagni 59
50134 Firenze.
Interuniversity Research Center for "Statistics for Engineering: Design, Quality and Reliability"
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