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The Center makes use of the competences and capabilities of the participating Universities, allowing to maximize the quality and potential of the services offered.

The services we offer include:
  • Consulting and trobleshooting. The center is able to offer consulting and "problem solving" services through a wise and in-depth use of the most advanced statistical tools applied to engineering problems through the Confidential Single Client Project, or research contracts with clear definition of goals and intellectual property, guaranteeing the confidentiality of information.
  • Research and innovation. The Center actively participates in the drafting and implementation of projects on national and international competitive bids in collaboration both with other research institutions and with industrial partners.
  • Training. The Center organizes training courses on topics concerning statistics applied to engineering.
  • Dissemination. The Center promotes the dissemination of knowledge through the participation and organization of scientific events of national and international importance on the topics of interest.
Head office:
Dept. of Statistics, Informatics,
Applications "G.Parenti"- DiSIA
Viale Morgagni 59
50134 Firenze.
Interuniversity Research Center for "Statistics for Engineering: Design, Quality and Reliability"
Logo Steering
tel. +39 055 2751500
fax. +39 055 2751525
P. IVA 01279680480
e-mail: centro.steering@disia.unifi.it
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