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Florence, FEB 20-21
The 2020 StEering Event
The 2020 StEering Event will focus on Statistics and Engineering: Theory, Methods and Applications for Industry 4.0. It will take place in Florence, Italy; February 20-21, 2020,
at the Department of Statistics Computer Science Applications 'G.Parenti'.
The Workshop, organized by the StEering Inter-University Reseach Center (, will be articulated through several Special Sessions, related to the main topics of the conference.
International Speakers will be asked to share their knowledge and innovation studies in order to improve researches related to the field of statistics, engineering, management and technology in and for a global and sustainable world.
Talks from industry (on successful applications) related to the illustration of particularly challenging technological issues will give the opportunity to discuss and suggest real solution for innovation in an Industry 4.0 perspective.
Contributed papers can be only presented during the Poster Session, and discussed during the coffee breaks (deadline January 15th, 2019).
Main Topics
• Statistical methods for Product Quality and Design
• Statistics and Engineering: case studies
• Statistics for the technological field
• Enterprise innovation in technology
• Design for Six-Sigma
• Data science for solutions in Engineering
• Reliability and Safety
• Statistics in Practice
• Quality Improvement and Six Sigma
• Brand management
• Marketing and consumers' behaviour
ASMBI Special issue

The official journal of ISBIS, the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (ASMBI), invites contributions for a special issue devoted to advances in Statistics and Statistical Engineering towards Industry 4.0. For more information Go to page or click here to download details in PDF.

The goal of the workshop is to evaluate and share the point of view on the  latest updates into the field of statistics, engineering, management and technology in and for a global and sustainable world .

StEering Workshop 2020 will offer a comprehensive overview on present devlopments in statistics for/and engineering, technology  with particular reference to Industry 4.0 and data mananging for advanced problem solutions.

The conference is the ideal forum for researchers, managers and students from the scientific and industrial communities provides you with endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees and get exposed to new ideas...

Renmin University

Sede amministrativa:
Dip. di Statistica, Informatica,
Applicazioni "G.Parenti"- DiSIA Viale Morgagni 59
50134 Firenze.
Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario
"Statistics for Engineering: Design,
Quality and Reliability"
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